Dear Cary - Dyan Cannon

Posted by Walter Hunt
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Dear Cary - Dyan Cannon

I was sad to actually come to the end of this book. I have been a fan of Cary Grant for what seems like my whole life. I grew up in Bristol and lived very close to the subdivision Fishponds.
When I was young, I used to hang about outside where Elsie lived in the hopes that Archibald Leech would come to visit her. I was always disappointed.
When first reading this book, I was somewhat upset that Diane could possibly write anything but wonderful stories about Cary. I didn't want to think of him as anything but perfect, much the same way that Diane did as his girlfriend and then wife. Of course, I don't have rose tinted glasses so realized this was probably the way Cary really was and although it still hurt to read it, I couldn't put it down. I would read chapter after chapter until my eyes could no longer stay open.
I believe that one of the nicest things about the book is the letter that Diane wrote to Cary at the end of the story. It was the most amazing and beautiful letters and made me feel differently towards the authour. They were both expecting each other to make them happy. By changing who she was, to be the way she thought Cary wanted her to be, so sad, things could have been different, but I believe their love was real. Her story was real. She took me into their home, their lives and she had me hooked. I loved reading it. I loved all I learned. I loved discovering the intimate Cary. I still will always adore him.
I hope everyone who has any desire to learn more about Cary, to learn about his and Diane's life together, will have the opportunity to read this book. I know they will enjoy it as much as I did.