Dooku: Jedi Lost (Star Wars) (Unabridged) - Cavan Scott

Posted by Shirley Huff
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Dooku: Jedi Lost (Star Wars) (Unabridged) - Cavan Scott

The only parts of this that are remotely interesting are the parts about Ventress, which I will admit, she is used in a very interesting way.

The rest of this is pretty dull. About the first half of this is excruciatingly boring, as it does not feel like it belongs in any era of Star Wars. Once anything of interest does kick in, it’s still not very useful, and fills in all of the parts of Dooku’s back story that you didn’t care about.

How anyone could let this be completed without explaining how or when he became Sith, what happened to Sifo-Dyas, or how the clone army was created is just baffling. That’s why we are here. Not to hear completely irrelevant, yet still predictable backstory that explains precisely nothing.